F&I Products

More options, more sales, more satisfaction!

What if we told you there is a way to improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue. Our personalized services generate value and business.  Signature Dealer Services offers your customers a complete menu of comprehensive coverage selections that include Vehicle Service Contracts, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Prepaid Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Theft Protection, Tire and Wheel Protection, Total Loss Protection, Exterior and Interior Protection, and much more. The F&I products that we provide are backed by an A.M. Best “A” rated insurance companies. This allows us to provide peace of mind by having the best F&I products tailored around your business strategy, goals and most importantly your customers’ expectations.

Reinsurance Programs

Customized solutions tailored to exceed your goals!

Because money doesn’t come with instructions, Signature Dealer Services will help guide you invest in the right dealer reinsurance participation program custom-built to fit your business strategy. We provide every dealer participation programs available on the market starting with Non-Controlled Foreign Corporation (NCFC) to Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC), and from Dealer Obligor to Dealer-Owned Warranty Company, Retrospective (Retro) and Direct. We’ll help generate greater revenue every year to bring you one step closer to exceeding your present and future goals by growing your business. The transparency in our program provides you a level of control that allows you to know exactly what happens to your money.

F&I Training

Our team is your team, motivated by your overall success!

Because money doesn’t come with instructions, you need an expert F&I team to help further develop your business so that you can achieve your goals. Our team has 20 + years of experience in increasing dealership productivity. Our customize solutions continuously improves customer relationships. Our processing system is complete, valid, accurate, timely, and authorized to meet the dealership’s objectives. We focus on processing integrity, we make sure that there are no errors in processing, and if there are, they are detected timely and corrected. We constantly monitor strategies to reduce negotiation and transaction processes. We are here 24/7 to provide customer oriented sales training to make sure your staff has all the answers they need to be a successful part of your team.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Because we’re not satisfied until our clients experience transformative solutions that make a real difference.

We are easy to work with. We understand that our success can only be measured by your overall success. We strive to meet all your standards through our comprehensive products and solutions. We help protect and support major purchases car buyers make from our partners. Signature Dealer Services understands what matters most to you. It’s not the purchases that we protect, but the people that have chosen us to serve them.