Who We Are

Our Mission Objective

We work with clients, from independent dealerships to large franchise dealerships, to develop advanced management strategies to help them achieve specific goals not only for their institutions financial future, but their customers’ as well.

How we organize our work:

  • Help clients navigate today’s evolving markets and identify the opportunities that shape their strategies and long-term goals.
  • Develop and manage customized F&I product solutions for the industry’s ever-changing market with a full menu of comprehensive coverage selections.
  • Advise clients on how to allocate assets to meet unique objectives, addressing the dynamic market environment through our reinsurance participation programs available in the market starting with Non-Controlled Foreign Corporation (NCFC) to Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC), and from Dealer Obligor to Dealer-Owned Warranty Company, Retrospective (Retro) and Direct.
  • Research new market ideas that increase efficiency and productivity across all boards from sales to customer service.

While we have a variety of services for our clients, many are looking for a dealer service that they can trust and who will be committed in properly managing their best interest by guaranteeing peace of mind to all the customers they serve.

This is why we review each client’s goals, customer experience, market penetration, and loss ratio, and determine a customized solution plan best suited for their organization. We will not make promises that we can’t keep!


Our Core Values

Signature Dealer Services believes that if you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything. This is why we have emphasized our core values throughout our organization because without it, we wouldn’t be the company that we are today. We work with clients who are willing to share our fundamental values.

  • We are committed in the people that we serve, without them, we wouldn’t exist!
  • Integrity is the reason we are honest, open, ethical and fair. As a result our clients trust that we will always do what is right.
  • We are one team, our team is your team, and we can achieve greater success when we all work together.
  • Create a culture of honesty, respect for people, customer commitment, and most of all personal accountability.

My job is to help independent and franchise automotive dealerships achieve their financials goals by providing the adequate F&I Products and Reinsurance Participation Programs that best serves their organization. I accomplish this by taking the time to listen to you, learn your goals, and then create a customized plan for your dealership’s success.

By making my clients money work harder, making sure it’s in the right place, at the right time and accessible if needed, I can make a real difference in their dealership’s future.

James R. Garces
Agency Principal